Lazy (steelgrrrlmai) wrote in saved_drafts,

Dear Dave

it's so fucking obvious that I'm not what you want, really. If I was, why would you spend so much time trolling the tranny groups on yahoo and elsewhere? I don't mind that your perferences go that way, i've never been one to judge somebody by who they choose to love or be attracted to. I do however take great issue with being lied to and misled into believeng that I'm your one and only and you want nobody else. 

Why the BS? Why the deception? Is it because you don't think I could take the truth? Is it because you need to use me as a cover so your family and friends don't find out? I thought we had trust, I guess I was dead wrong. It's really too bad, we could have been great friends if you'd actually been truthful. Now... Well, I'm not friends with people I don't trust, so I guess i'll just be working on a way to give you the news gently. I don't want to hurt you, even though you obviously didn't have the same consideration for me.

I'm sorry it's over. I still love you, but I love me too, and I'm not going to stick around and be lied to.

the fool.
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