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 Dear you,
   You hurt me.  You know you hurt me.  And everyone that surrounded us blames me.  You choked me, but you lied.  You cheated on me, but you lied.  You took our child and ran, but you lied.  And everyone blames me.  You told them you walked in on me w/ another man, a lie.  You told them I left our daughter, a lie.  And you make them all hate me, for your lies.  My own daughter wants nothing to do with me, b/c of your lies.  No one even gave me a chance to speak, no one knows that you were kicked out of our home by cops for hurting me.  No one knows that you used to disappear with another wife for 3-4 hours at a time.  "I had to fix her washer", "her pizza guy got robbed on her steps, so she wanted some one to sit with her", etc...  What lies, you lie so much, I just don't know how people don't see it, or they do but choose to ignore it.  I hope it all comes back to hurt you one day.  I wish the worst of all things on you.  People tell me I need to forgive, that I can't go on until I do.  I can't forgive you.  You've made me look like the sick monster, and you won't apologize ever for the pain you put me through.  I don't have to forgive you, I'll die with this hatred deep inside me.  You stole our daughter and turned her against me.  My little girl!!!  My flesh and blood.  My one and only little girl, ever.  If there was a god, then he'd strike you down for being as evil and vile that you are.

The end.
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