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Dear Childhood

Something like midterm paper on the topic "My Birthplace". Lost on the teacher's desk.


First you wait them to blossom. Then they do and you joyously try to weave garlands of them. You've seen small fair-haired girls like you wearing them on their heads, run to the horizon and reach the clouds; but you fail, you're definately too young and unexperienced to make a garland, and the flocky flowers become just something that reminds the former fresh yellow plant flesh. If you make little scars on the squishy stem, part and peel it like a banana and put all this into water, the long parts will intertwine and look like curly hair.
This is probably one of the most aesthetic "spa-treatments" for the plants, together with plaiting the half-ripe corn-"hair".
After some time their hair becomes greyish and may flow away, if you blow at them. But think a more awesome way to make them bald-headed. You just tear them up asking your friend 'Milk, coffee or capuccino?'...

Many Aprils in my life have been marked by these activities.
This is spring in my native village.
Blowball. Dandelion.

Not much has changed in my village since my childhood. Yes, many new houses have appeared on the fields where blowballs used to reign, some new roads have been built, a billboard is even to see (advertising the company which sponsored the road restoration, silly as it is), a new church calls the residents to get rid of their sins in its walls...
Probably the few positive things that are of benefit to the public are the renovated bus-stop signed "Center" (finally you don't have to wait for the bus outside when it rains) and a traffic light (after so many accidents have happened because of its absence in the past)...


Blowballs still blossom in my garden. I learned to weave garlands, but still can't make their ends together.
There's no need, actually. All I use dandelion-leaves for is salad, since my mum assures that it purifies human's blood and contains more vitamine C than a lemon does.
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