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Dear Chloe,

I miss you so much. So does you father and family. What you did will leave emotional scars on everyone in the family. You know, I'm no longer the fun-loving, care-free, naive little child you knew me as. I'm more mature... more knowing.

When you did what you did, I cried. I was younger, so I did not understand the concept of what you did. But, now I do.

Thanks to you, I'm on the same path you were on when you took that fateful leap into the blackness. I feel myself slipping.

I nearly did what you did twice. Caught myself the first time, before i did it. Second time, it didn't work.

Do you know where your step brother is? Maybe you could have helped...

Do you know that your little half brother does't even know you the way I did...?

Do you know I cry out of nowhere remembering the memories that we shared? That I can't stop this shadow from blacking me out bit by bit which you called out? It's taken a few years for my naive mind to understand what you did...

Maybe it was my fault... I hardly spoke to you the last time I saw you... alive... I should've sent that childish email a day earlier... I should've said how much you had meant to me. But I didn't. Maybe it's all my fault.

It hurts still. I'm sure I'm not the only one who still cries.

But why? You could've waited a week. You loved your dad so much. I remember when you slept over the first time, you were sad because you weren't with your dad. I remember that you wrote "Daddy" so many times in cursive on this kiddie thing. I remember playing with you. I remember reading with you. I remember watching you impersonate that one character in that movie that you, me, Tia Ruthie used to be obsessed with.

You were fun. You were funny. You were caring...

How'd it end this way?
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