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Dear FList member

You hate it because the handful of Pilgrims slaughtered every Native on the continent in the 1600s and created Thanksgiving.
You hate it because Obama banned your cloves.
You hate it because, while women now have the right to vote, they have no one good to vote for.
You hate it because it finds the moon boring and doesn't waste billions more trying to go there to reconfirm that it's boring.
And according to your latest entry, you hate being American and living in America because we have more shopping malls than anyone else (I think that having MORE USABLE REAL ESTATE than most developed countries has a lot to do with that, but that's just me) and do not have 8 of the tallest buildings in the world. Really. What is that entry all about? Stop buying black market cigarettes, save up that money, and move your family to Dubai. I'm sure you'll be happy there.

OH WAIT. You also hate capitalism.

So, move to China. They have a lot of tall buildings there, too. Please. I can't stand constant whining and complaining, and you do it a lot. I think your moving to China will stop this.

Not loving the incessant negativity.


PS: You'd be reading this but I get to see you this weekend. @_@
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