Almighty SPOOn's ... thing (rivetspoon) wrote in saved_drafts,
Almighty SPOOn's ... thing

Dear Assistant

I realize that I'm slow. I have a life.
I realize that I'd asked you to help. But with only ONE band member.
I realize that I'm months behind. Art, school, con, volunteering, friends in person.

He only posts a few times a month.
He's my favorite band member.
I look desperately forward to translating his few and far between entries.

So, please. STOP STEALING THEM. I don't care if you get on a roll. It's my community, it's my project, and I'd asked for your help. NOT FOR YOU TO SLOWLY START TAKING OVER.

I forgave you for taking the vocalist's entries when they coincided with the bassist's. I had absolutely no problem with that and invited you to do it again, provided you gave me a heads up.

I have a problem with this.

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