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Dear Jury,

For the sake of the courtroom, I shall maintain a fine dialect and courteous facade. To give in to the stereotypes and snapshot judgments would only hinder my case, thus aiding yours. I am much more than what you play me up to be.
Yes, I am a pretty face. Yes, I am a presentable woman. Yes, I am young.
However, I am not as some would call ignorant or naive; lacking in sophistication and maturity--childish, inexperienced, incompetent, lame, shallow, or dull. I understand your elaborately strung together sentences perfectly well and I do not need anything "dumbed down". Frankly, I find it insulting.
Because of my young age and face, I am branded as a dimwit who isn't responsible or smart enough to think for herself. Should I carry around a sign that says "Please spoon feed me everything! Knowledge, money, work, friends and lovers!"? I would like to think not.
I do very well in school. I do very well at work. I am a good lover and a great friend. I can earn things myself.
And as for the men of the court, please see me as a woman and not a child. Does it really matter how old I am, even if I am above the legal limit? See me as a person and not a number or artificial girl who quotes sappy love songs and Twilight dialogs. I will read you The Divine Comedy and hum 'Moonlight Bay' while sipping Champagne. I have class; please see it when I do not rest my elbows on the table or slouch.
Dear Jury, I beg of you, see me as the woman I am and not what my generation has generalized me to be. I work harder than most and ask for nothing in return except equality and acknowledgement.
Thank you for your time. 
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