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Saved Drafts

... for the sending of unsent letters

A Community for Writing Unsendable Letters
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Some things need to be said, but can't be said. Some emails are written, and end up sitting in the Saved Drafts portion of your email.

This is where you can write those unsendable letters and say those unsayable things. Wether it's just something that's better left unsaid for the general peace of your life, or needs to be said to something that can't listen (like boredom or fear or a bad habit or, dammit, society in general), or just something you need to get off your chest where you won't have to deal with any repercussions, here's where you can write it.

Don't worry about bad language or harsh words. It's allowed. I'll permanantly boot anyone who flames you for it. Also, don't write something nasty to another member of the community. If you wish to start a fight, well, the internet is a big place and you can find a different battle arena. Say what you need to say, and accord everyone else the same courtesy.

Oh, and, um... I'm caragana_leaves. *waves* I made this place. Ask me any questions you have.