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Dear sirs.

I know more people than I'd like to admit, that feel that all of mankind is evil. Or they at least like to tout that that's how they feel.

Not that most people are hypocritical, or sinful, or selfish. Not that the majority of people we come across are just self-serving idiots.

But that ALL people, including their loved ones (unless somehow their loved ones aren't humans, too...), are evil, violent, worthless.

Consider that if all people are evil, then, technically, none are, because they're all the same. If we're all the same, there is no concept of good vs. evil. We just are.

Now, most of these people don't believe in a higher power. In other words, there are no eternal consequences for our actions. Just those imposed by the evil mankind.

So, my question to these people: If you truly believe that there isn't a soul on this planet that isn't worth the air he or she is breathing, much less anything else, as your word choice of "we" and "all" suggests, what's stopping you from going on a killing-spree? Why don't you start with those closest to you, since they're right there, and just like the rest of us? We all know you're smart enough to get away with it for a while.

And if what I'm saying is hitting too close to home, maybe consider dropping the hyperbolic soap-box bullshit?

Put another way: Your statement is illogical.

Evilly yours,


Hi, by the way.
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I liked this. it was very well written, and seems well thought out.
Unfortunately the guy that it was gonna go to is a little too self-righteous to comprehend it. XP

Thanks. :)